The film observes three Hoods in a Northern Irish town:
bored, looking for the next thrill, without any perspectives.
Only in tiny moments we see everyone’s fragileness each boy
is hiding: realistic social drama in best British traditition.

22. Festival für deutsche Filme
Kinofest Lünen 2011 Germany

LUCKY SEVEN - brilliantly crafted with a fine cast.
Truly impressive.

Jamie Grecco, Senior Programmer
19th Raindance Film Festival London 2011 UK

Authentic and well observed, told to its very essence
and with strong poetic visuals Claudia Heindel’s
graduation film takes a tender look at a harsh reality.

First Steps Awards Jury
Berlin 2011 Germany

“... rebels without a cause devoting themselves to (self-)destruction
moved by wild anger (...). Observed without mercy and unrelenting clarity by a director
reflecting the contradictions of a difficult age but with no comfortable acquittal.”

Diego Baratto,, Italy